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Controlled Substance Reporting System Training

The North Carolina Controlled Substance Reporting System (CSRS) was established by North Carolina law to improve the state’s ability to track prescribing and dispensing patterns of controlled substances in North Carolina. The tracking of controlled substance prescribing and dispensing is part of a larger effort to curb the abuse and misuse of prescription drugs by North Carolinians. This training program introduces you to the CSRS.

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Carolina Pharmacy Foundation

Managing patient health is a complex task, requiring the support of a multi-disciplinary healthcare team. Traditionally the culture of healthcare training and practice for healthcare providers has been to work separately.

However, the movement towards team-based care and outcomes-based reimbursement requires collaboration between healthcare providers to meet patient-care goals.

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Communicating with Young People in Pharmacy Settings

Medication use is increasing rapidly among young people (ages 13-19) around the world. Young people often take an active role in managing their medications and assume increasing responsibility as they grow older. It is important, therefore, for pharmacists to feel comfortable communicating with this subset of the population about their medication use and health.

This course explores two communication strategies that will facilitate conversations with ALL of your patients, particularly young people.

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